Linck Lab

Montana State University

Ethan Linck (PI)

I’m a broadly trained biologist interested in the forces that shape the distribution of genetic variation and species, mostly in birds. This research program involves integrating natural history, population genomics, ecophysiology, and macroecology. I also like to think about environmental ethics, and the societal role of biodiversity science and conservation. I grew up in Vermont (with a short but formative stint in Tucson), received a B.A. in Biology from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and did my Ph.D. in the Department of Biology at University of Washington in Seattle. After grad school I was postdoc at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, University of New Mexico, and University of Wyoming. In my free time I like to write, run, backcountry ski, garden and mess with my bicycle or old trucks. Click here for my CV, or here for my Google Scholar profile.


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